PSYCH College Isn’t too Hard

One of the classes that I had to take for the Leader Advancement Scholarship was Introduction to Psychology. I took this course during the fall semester of my first year at Central Michigan University.This course period was strictly for the freshman LAS cohort, and let me tell you, it was an adventure this year. For starters, being in a class with approximately 40 other people that you care so deeply about can be extremely distracting and can be frustrating as well. There were days that I felt so bad for our professor, our cohort is very respectful but sometimes we can be overwhelmingly talkative and energetic, there were times where he could barely get his lesson plan for the day out because of the noise level. Cramming talkative, energetic LAS students into a small room for an hour an 15 minutes may not be the best idea some days… But we managed! Respect played a big role in this, because we all respect our professors, so we as a cohort had to recognize that there is a time and place to be rambunctious, and this class was not that place. I truly do think that as the semester went on, people really did calm down and didn’t cause as much of a ruckus.

Another thing about Psychology is this was my hardest class. Saying it now feels weird because it really wasn’t all that difficult! The hardest part truly was the workload, and that all of our work had to be done online. But then again, doing every assignment in an online setting is a blessing and a curse. Imagine this… you are studying for your first big college exam and all of your review material is online but the internet decides to crash a day or so before the test… Calm is the last thing that you are, you become opposite of calm. Having the awesome professor we had, he decided to push back the exam when the issue was brought to his attention, which I will forever be grateful for! But also imagine this, everything is online… Homework, quizzes, review sheets, power points with all of the information, literally all of the class material is saved through blackboard and ready for you to use at your disposal.

Because of this class, I learned a lot about things that I had never truly understood, but now I do-most of it involving the brain. Being required for our Leadership Advancement Scholar protocol and a required class for the leadership minor, this course was meant to have a focus on leadership abilities and the ways that psychology and the brain play a huge role in just that alone! I believe that I benefitted from taking this course, not only am I well educated on the topics that we covered, but I also realized that my study habits were not up to par for a college student. I took this semester to generate new habits and mnemonic devices (I learned that word in psych) to help me remember things that are required of me for a class.

Lastly, I really enjoyed being in Psychology 100L with my cohort. Seeing nearly everyone of them (when they were in class) really made my days brighter!!

I won’t say that I’ll miss it because it wasn’t really my thing, but I will miss having Psychology 100L as my “hardest” class, I really don’t want college to get any harder, not yet at least!!


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