The Power of Emotional Intelligence

In LDR 100 we were required to generate a presentation on a book that we were assigned, with a group that we were placed in. I was blessed with a great group that worked really well together- Myself, Ellen Wegener, Jazmin Wright-Zornes, Markus Cuevas, Blake Kwiecinski, Emily Oltman, Megan Bird, and Abby Kroczaleski. Our book was all about how your emotional state of mind can influence those around you and how you can be dissonant or resonant with those you are trying to lead.

In the planning process, we had a hard time balancing everyone’s schedules around so towards the end of our preparation I ended up spending a few nights in the basement speaking individually to everyone to make sure that everyone knew the plan once it was set in motion.We really had to manage our personality differences because some of ours did clash, but we ended up considering our differences and working as a team. We definitely started talking about our project really early, which looking back now was probably one of the best decisions we made throughout. In creating our presentation, everyone had the responsibility to finish the slides that they chose or were assigned to and whether or not they added a little flare was up to them.

Our presentation itself went really well aside from the pressure of time on our shoulders. We began by separating the room into two groups-one leaving the main room while the other stayed in their seats. Our reasoning was to set each group up into different emotional atmospheres- the one outside would be very positive and resonant while the one in the main room would be very negative, commanding and dissonant. Allowing the class to understand what the overall meaning of emotional intelligence really means. Our power point went on to explain all of the finer details of resonance, dissonance, emotional domains/intelligence and how you can improve on your areas of weakness.



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