125 Years and Counting

After 125 years of students and faculty taking care of those around them, putting their stamp on the world and building a safe environment for others to learn, live and love in- Central Michigan University is a campus where everyone has an opportunity to do and become whatever they long to. The class of 2021 is the 125th class to come to CMU in the fall of 2017, ready to begin their journey as Chippewa family members, the members of this class need to be aware of everything that the University has to offer them.

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“Founded in 1892, CMU continues its mission to help students learn Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 4.01.31 PM.pngboth inside the classroom and beyond, through student organizations, internships and volunteer programs, to name just a few.”

-George E. Ross (President)


Campus Life

While all students can get involved in some way, on or off campus the students who have the opportunity to live on campus are able to get involved in so many more ways. Some things provide equal opportunities to all students while others are subjective to where the students reside. Being a student who has resided within the residence halls one can be exposed to residential colleges specific to their field of study, while not entirely required, the experience is worth more than many can put into words. “Beyond the traditional resident experience, these halls (residential colleges) connect you and like-minded students in your chosen academic major or interest” (CMU Homepage). Leadership, music, business or maybe even honor students are given opportunities within their residential colleges that compares to none other. Then again, any Central Michigan University student has the upper hand because there is truly a place for every student on campus, a place where an individual can feel at home while being a full-time student at CMU.


CMU is an institution that approximately 27,000 students call home. This number includes the undergraduate and graduate students that attend the Mt. Pleasant campus, as well as the other individuals who are participants in the online programs that are offered around the world. “CMU is an institution, providing equal opportunity to all persons, including minorities, females, veterans, and individuals with disabilities” (CMU Homepage). In expanding campus across the globe, individuals of so many cultures and differences will have the opportunity to be affected by a University that looks to provide a pathway to success for all of its students.

As a student at CMU, one has the opportunity to succeed in one or more of over 200 academic programs. These programs are divided among the eight specific colleges described online and in the academic bulletins.

  1. College of Business Administration
  2. College of Communication and Fine Arts
  3. College of Education and Human Services
  4. College of Graduate Studies
  5. The Herbert H. and Grace A. DOW College of Health Professions
  6. College of Humanities and Social and Behavioral Sciences
  7. College of Medicine
  8. College of Science and Engineering

Once a student decides upon a major(s) and possibly a minor, it is then the best time to meet with an academic advisor to plan their next few years at CMU academically and ensure the highest level of success that they can achieve. The number one goal of any student is to succeed, but without a team supporting your every move increases the probability of graduation and then later on in life, a career. Whether one meets with an Academic Advisor, a Success Coach, Career Coach or any faculty member in between, CMU faculty want to see students succeed at college and beyond.


On campus students have many more opportunities to involve themselves while residing on campus. Through different offices, each student has a new avenue to find where they feel even more at home on campus. Depending on their passions, values, morals, and personal motivation a student will need to explore offices and the organizations that are available to them.

“Here at CMU there is an involvement for everyone, and if it doesn’t exist you can create your own. I truly believe there is a place for everyone at CMU.”

– Allison Tobey, Senior at CMU (Individual interview)

Student Activities and Involvement

The Student Activities & Involvement Office (SAI) is located in the Bovee University Center and is known as the home to over 400 registered student organizations (RSO), activities and the base of greek life. One piece of

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 10.30.53 PM.png
Image from  https://www.cmich.edu/ess/sai/Pages/default.aspx

advice that many people give is to get involved while at college, and all it takes is just showing up. Whatever a student decides to do, they will find their college experience to be so much more valuable if they connect to other students. It is proven that students who get involved have a higher GPA, higher graduation rate, and overall better experience on campus. The SAI office is the first stepping stone for any student to find their extra-curricular calling on CMU’s campus. With events occurring every weekend- Up All Night, Family Day, or Siblings Weekend, programs by hall council during the week- Hall Olympics, Trivia Night, or Apollo Night, and large sponsored events for the community- Color runs/5k’s, Community Clean up, or Volunteer trips, the SAI is always looking to create a fun and safe environment for students, faculty and the community surrounding.


“We provide Central Michigan University students with fun, healthy and safe opportunities. It’s a perfect way to get connected to CMU and enhance your college experience”

-Office of Student Activities & Involvement (CMU Homepage)

Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center

Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 10.48.40 PM.png
Image from:  https://orgsync.com/26702/chapter

Known for its Alternative Break program which is third in the country and first in the state, the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center is consistently striving to assist in the development of active CMU citizens looking to serve their community around the world. While this program is highly known across the nation, alternative breaks are only a fraction of the things that the Volunteer center supports. Running mainly through Orgsync endless service opportunities present themselves throughout each academic year and even over breaks where students may not be in attendance at the main campus. Some ways that a student can get involved:




  • Service Ambassadors
    • Students spend a few hours each week serving a different non-profit organization in various ways. By traveling to areas in need, CMU students are able to branch out and truly understand what levels of privilege there are and the effects of poverty on entire communities.
  • Safer Sex Patrol (SSP)
  • David Garcia Project
    • Advocate for people with disabilities by educating CMU students through activities and reflection. Being exposed to the reality of peers with a disability is something that has to be put into a perspective that young adults can understand. Simulation activities make real-life situations relatable to those who may not comprehend the severity of the ability.
  • Lunch Buddies
    • A school-based mentoring program to help elementary students form positive attitudes about school, encourage healthy nutrition and physical activity, and provide children with positive role models. The world’s younger generations have been manipulated by media and have been fed negative influences from the networks provided to them over technology. This program gives the  younger generation as well as the CMU students an opportunity to connect and create a mentor and mentee relationship with one another.
  • Adopt a Grandparent

“To provide students the opportunity to serve their community, enhance their educational experiences and develop into caring citizens”

CMU Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center Mission (CMU Homepage)


Whether a student is considered to be disabled, depressed, multicultural, LGBTQ+ or falls under and category of difference, there is an office on campus to provide each and every student with the accommodations they may need to feel as comfortable as possible on campus. A description of each resource and their importance is beyond vital, but to include every single one that CMU has to offer in one post would make it the post about CMU resources. The resources on Central Michigan University’s campus provide students with mental health counseling, living accommodations, academic advising and assistance, free tutoring, sexual aggression peer advocates, inclusion and diversity, LGBTQ+ services, and overall support, but that is just to name a few. It is hard to acknowledge every office when so many of them provide indescribable support to the students of CMU.


Central was the second safest campus aside from Northern Michigan University, but they have bears so what campus is truly safer? Now, after a few years of improvements at other Universities, CMU is now the fifth safest campus in Michigan. According to CMU police officers, this may be due to the  blue-light emergency phones posted in various locations, the free Safe Rides available for student use, locked residence halls, or it may be due to the 800-900 surveillance cameras that have been installed across campus. Majority of Central Michigan University advocates relate this great honor to the police force that patrol CMU, the CCLO programs that are provided to students as well as the general consensus of all attendees to take care of each other. The students and faculty members frequently mention that because of the community feeling that CMU provides, there is no other place that they would rather be. The campus is safe throughout all hours of the night and day, but the safety isn’t just being monitored by the police forces, but by the students as well. Students who have vowed to take care of one another.

“CMU is a place that feels like home and that has a warm family feeling. at other Universities you don’t get that sense of belonging”

-Markie Heideman, CMU Junior (individual interview)

Central Michigan University is more than just the college that one decides to attend- CMU is a place where a student can find passion and love, success and drive or maybe they decide to just have the time of their lives. Whatever they decide, current students and faculty members at CMU want to do whatever they can to invite and motivate new students to do all that they can in their time on campus.

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