Philosophy Vs. Opinion


During my third semester at Central Michigan University, I had the opportunity to take a Moral Philosophy course with my Leadership Advancement Scholar Cohort. In this course we discussed multiple philosophies that ranged from the legalization of drugs, abortion, homosexual rights, war and terrorism, hooking up, torture and many others.

Philosophy: “The study of fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline”

In taking this course, I learned that in order to accurately argue an opinion it has to be educated with legitimate knowledge and factual information. Arguing something without sufficient evidence does not make it validated, at that point it is just a screaming match between two opposing sides with no backing.

So What?

This course was really hard for me because I noticed how important it was to have sufficient information and many arguments or discussions that occurred were driven by rumors and irrelevant comments. I had a hard time listening to half of the room say one inaccurate thing while the other did just the same but by using the opposition. Presentation days were probably my favorite days of the entire semester, groups would go up in front of the class and share factual information that they researched and cited. If information was wrong, our professor made sure to correct it so as not to confuse the rest of us.

The only work I really did for this course was a lot of reading and two papers. My final project was my favorite one by far because he wanted it to be supported by my own educated opinion and point of view. Our professor didn’t want it to be filled with quotes and notations from other sources so it gave me the freedom to do what I wanted with it.

Now What?

I learned a lot in this course and have continued to do more research of my own. Philosophy is a never ending cycle of information and growth and I have kept some of the reading materials in order to further educate myself on serious issues. For example, right now we are dealing with a lot of discussions on gun control and safety within the school systems. As this is not an opinion post, I won’t go into detail but so many people are blindsided by the fact that people are dying, or are blindsided by the fact that they have “rights” that no one is willing to compromise and come up with a solution. I am taking time to educate myself on the issue before I state my opinion on anything so when people say that I “don’t know what I am talking about” they will know that I actually do because I took the time to understand.


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