A dream is just a dream, a goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline” -Harvey Mackay

When people ask me “Sadie, what do you want to do when you are older?” I respond with, “The goal is…” so I tell them what my goals are and then I tell them how I am planning to reach that goal- the steps I am going to need to take, the obstacles I may encounter

In the near future, no more than 5 years, I want to accomplish a long list of things. Some of my most important short-term goals are to graduate from college, improve my skills in the music theatre realm, find an internship or a paid summer theatre experience, get a better hold on my mental health, and to leave my stamp on Central Michigan University’s campus before I graduate.

Beyond the 5 year mark, is when long-term goals start to come into play. My long term goals as of right now are very sporadic, I have some regarding my music theatre version of me, my event planning side of me, my helping hand side of me, the motherly instinctual side of me and also, the adventurous side of me (apparently I am a triangular prism). My goals are to be an actress in a professional theatre company that travels the country and to be on Broadway at least once, to plan events spanning from weddings to larger corporate events, to use my skills in the arts to help other people cope with their mental health, and to have a family of my own all of whom I will make sure experiences the world in the most adventurous way that I possibly can.

I have so many goals that span throughout my entire life. To work on accomplishing all of my goals, all I need to do is take life day by day while still acknowledging the future.