In only one semester at Central Michigan University I have become involved in so many things here on campus. Here they are, and this is just the beginning of the next few years of my life.

The first thing that I became involved in wad the Robinson & Barnes Hall Council as a floor senator. I joined hall council when my RA asked if I would be willing to be a senator for our floor. As a senator, I give weekly reports during the hall council meetings on what residents are doing. I am also there as an avenue for residents if they feel they need me in any aspect of life- advice, friendship, assistance, anything.

At the very beginning of my first semester, I was patiently waiting to apply to be an employee for the R&B Desk Staff, I wanted this on campus job in order to meet people within the halls and form connections and provide a positive environment for guests and residence alike. After being hired and spending one semester as an employee, I decided to take a big step and apply for the manager position when it opened up at the beginning of the spring semester of 2017. I am proud to say that I am now a manager for the Barnes and Robinson front desks and I look forward to living in this community again next year.

As a Leader Advancement Scholar, I was encouraged to get involved in Registered Student Organizations that pulled my attention or I found interest in. During the fall semester of 2016, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Society of Future Wedding Planners. I have always loved planning events and I would love to be able to plan weddings as a part-time job in my future. This RSO seemed like a great opportunity with a unique twist and I was so excited to be able to be a part of it! I have learned so much about the process of wedding planning and the devotion you have to have to your clients when planning a wedding! It is exhilarating!

I had a hard time getting adapted to college life solely because I wasn’t doing everything that I love to do, but life has a funny way of changing things up and I had the opportunity to get involved with an organization that I never thought I would, Central Premiere. I auditioned to be the lead role in a music video and ended up getting the part. I wanted a change of scenery and this gave me just that, it was such a wonderful experience and gave me a different perspective on film as an art-form and potential future career opportunity.

Within the Leader Advancement Scholarship protocol, we are required as freshmen to participate in a lead team through the Leadership Institute. Luckily, I was given the opportunity to be in the Diversity, Inclusion and Service lead team, focusing on being a positive person in todays world by being accepting of all people in every culture, race, gender, economic status, sexual orientation, physical ability, a person is a person no matter what and my lead team does just that. I have become aware of inclusive language and physical reactions and the impact that they can have on those around you.