Getting the call from Dan Gaken congratulating me on my earning of the Leader Advancement Scholarship was the moment that I knew where I was going to be going for college. The Leader Advancement Scholarship (LAS) is such an amazing program with a very intense protocol. I highly recommend that any senior who is considering applying for this scholarship should look over the protocol and what is expected of them over the 4 years that they will be at CMU. Some people don’t realize the extent of the scholarship and only see the $2,000 a year that you are rewarded.

Being in LAS is a privilege and should not be taken for granted. As a freshman you are given a mentor, a place to feel like you belong, 40+ friends that you reside in Barnes Hall with for one year, and one of the strongest support systems you could ever ask for (LI Staff).

“If somebody tells you ‘you’re the leaders of tomorrow,’ you can politely correct them because you are the leaders of today, and I mean it”

-Dan Gaken

LAS is the base of my CMU journey and because of it, I will be able to branch out in so many directions and meet so many people. I will forever be grateful for the Leadership Institute, and it’s staff, my cohort, our mentors, and my LAS family tree for all they have and will continue to do for me.

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