125 Years and Counting

After 125 years of students and faculty taking care of those around them, putting their stamp on the world and building a safe environment for others to learn, live and love in- Central Michigan University is a campus where everyone has an opportunity to do and become whatever they long to. The class of 2021 is the 125th class to come to CMU in the fall of 2017, ready to begin their journey as Chippewa family members, the members of this class need to be aware of everything that the University has to offer them. Continue reading


Moving into 2016 Leadership Safari

For the last 18 years of my life, I have been looking forward to this moment, dreaming of how it would feel to move into my dorm for my first year of college, but to be completely honest? It wasn’t as dramatic as I had imagined. Deciding to go to Central Michigan University was a decision that was made by one factor only, the Leader Advancement Scholarship, had I not gotten that scholarship, things may have gone a different direction. Continue reading